Fellow beekeepers: I will be in Temple, Texas on November 3rd and 4rth, in the vendor-trade hall. Join me there! It is a great way to immerse yourself in the beekeeping culture, learn new practices, and meet other beekeepers in your area.

Texas Beekeepers Association Ross Creek Booth
Texas Beekeepers Association Ross Creek Honey Bee Booth

The Annual Convention of the Texas Beekeepers Association is a major event running over 3 days. It promises to provide the most up to date information concerning TBA activities benefiting Texas Beekeeping activities and provides updates on the beekeeping industry. It also is a fantastic opportunity to network with hundreds of beekeepers eager to learn about the latest beekeeping technologies and innovations. Participants attend educational sessions and demonstrations on topics such as pollinator health, resistance to Varroa mites, sustainability in beekeeping and expanding beekeeping operations. For many attendees, the Convention serves as a learning opportunity be informed about the world of beekeeping.

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