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Bruce Ford

Founder of Ross Creek Organic Farm

Bruce lives with his family on a 16 acre organic farm near Ellinger, Texas where he practices with different compost designs, microbial brewing with compost and soil microbe philosophy, beekeeping, rainwater catchment, radio communication, growing native plants, herbs and medicinal plants by propagation from seeds and cuttings. He is a licensed Texas nursery grower with a homemade greenhouse.

Bruce is passionate about raising honey bees and getting others involved in beekeeping. He like to develop new solutions for his own bee colonies, such as hive top feeder or treatment and stimulant mix, and when they work, he shares them with his beekeepers’ community. Bruce is active in several local beekeepers associations. He establishes and maintains honey bee yards and mentors individuals in the fine art of beekeeping in central Texas.

Bruce is a leader in the grassroots homestead movement in central Texas and mentors families on food security. His philosophy is collaborating and lifting up all stakeholders in the room. Thousands of like-mined people are moving to central Texas and building new communities. He embraces this movement by sharing skillsets, hosting workshops and promoting the farming community movement here in central Texas.

As a native Texan, Bruce is passionate about bird, butterfly and wildlife habitat development. He consults and mentors Texans on agricultural exemption implementation with honey bees and wildlife habitat management planning. His skillsets include permaculture homestead design planning, “Back to Eden” garden philosophy, greenhouse construction, organic gardening and radio communication. Bruce is an active leader in the central Texas food security movement.

Mission & Philosophy

Ross Creek Organic Farm, located in Ellinger, Texas, is here to support you in your beekeeping and homesteading journey to achieve food sovereignty and help you grow your local business.

Bruce aims to sustainably farm so that the environment (nature, humans, and animals) within and around the farm is not impacted. He is on a mission to help communities become more resilient and independent from global food supply chains, through implementation of beekeeping and food sovereignty solutions.

Listen to Bruce’s vision in Survival Podcast

Bruce shared his vision with Jack Spirko in the renowned Survival Podcast. They talk about reduction of tax footprint, building a business, bee keeping, green house growing and a ton more.

It’s a great resource to understand how Ross Creek Organic Farm can support you in your beekeeping and homesteading journey to achieve food sovereignty and help you grow your local business.

Ross Creek Organic Farm

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Where to find us

At the Farm

You can meet us at the farm when you pick up your order. Precise address and directions will be sent by email when your order is ready. We don’t receive visitors but feel free to call Bruce if you would like to arrange a time to meet.

Ross Creek Organic Farm is located in the heart of Texas, near the town of Ellinger, TX, in Fayette County.

  • 1hr 30min South East of Austin, TX
  • 2hrs 30min North East of San Antonio, TX
  • 1hr 40 West of Houston, TX

All mail shall be sent to this address:

Ross Creek Farm, LLC

PO Box 26

Ellinger, TX 78938-0026

At Local Farmers Markets

Bruce is a regular vendor at the LaGrange Farmers Market held every Saturday morning at the Jersey Barnyard Farm, 3117-Hwy 159.

At Local Events in Central Texas

I like to meet and mentor beekeepers at local beekeeping events. That’s why I am involved in several of the beekeepers associations in Central Texas and I often have a booth at their events:

Join me to the local beekeeping events! It is a great way to emerse yourself in the beekeeping culture, learn new practices, and meet other beekeepers in your area.

Texas Beekeepers Association Convention

Every year in November in Temple, Texas

This event is organized every year by the Texas Beekeepers Association. This is a great venue to emerse yourself in the beekeeping culture and I will be mentoring at my Ross Creek Honey Bees booth in the vendor and trade room. Come by and say hello!

Fayette County Beekeepers Club Meetings

First Saturday every other month in La Grange, Texas

Website | Facebook Page

The Fayette County Beekeepers meet every other month, first Saturday, at the Fayette County Agri-life building in LaGrange Texas, 255 Svoboda Lane, La Grange, Texas. We usually start with beekeeping 101 and have a catered BBQ and pot-luck dinner at 5:45pm. At 6:30pm we have a short business meeting and then guest beekeeper speakers from around Central Texas.

Bastrop County Beekeepers Association Monthly Meetings

Every second Tuesday of each month in Bastrop, Texas

Website | Facebook Page

I attend the Bastrop County Beekeepers Association meetings every second Tuesday of each month. This association always has a different knowledge base during the Beekeeping 101 sessions and great speakers.

Colorado County Beekeepers Association Monthly Meetings

Every second Thursday of each month in Columbus, Texas

Website | Facebook Page

I attend the Colorado County Beekeepers Association meetings every second Thursay of each month. This association meets in Columbus and is a growing community of beekeepers that mentor each other. We always start early with Beekeeping 101 at 6:00pm.

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