Hot Dry Texas Summer and Honey Bees

Honey Bees need to keep their brood nests an average of 94 degrees. When it’s 100 degrees outside, it is too hot for the honey bee colonies and bees must work extra hard to keep their hive a cool 94 degrees.  Also, during hot, dry weather, honey bees encourage their queen to stop laying so there isn’t a large brood nest to manage.  With a lack of nectar coming in, they also don’t have the resources to raise new bees.

First, it is critical to keep a water source near the honey bee colonies. If you have a pond or creek nearby, that’s great!

In addition to cooling the bee hive with water, you might see bees covering the front of your hive body.

This condition is called “bearding”.  Any extra bees leave the bee hive to allow for more air flow and to remove their body heat.

I am always available for bee culture questions,  Bruce at Ross Creek Organic Farm.

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