A Good Bee Year !

Ok Honey bee lovers: It has been a great year!

I have increased my honey bee knowledge to the point where I consider myself a Bee Whisperer and Mentor.

See these pictures of the bee yards I have set-up in 2020.

6 thoughts on “A Good Bee Year !”

    1. Hello Wayne,
      I am just beginning to understand wordpress and I see your May 21 2021 message.

      Today, I am taking orders for strong Spring nucs to be ready in March-April 2023.
      My email is Rosscreekhoneybees@gmail.com
      My cell phone number is (713)-818-7348

      Wayne, you are welcome to call me anytime to chat about bees. Bruce Ford, Ellinger, Texas

  1. We in the Swiss Alp area, and are needing 9 hives to satisfy the Ag exemption for our property we purchased in September. Brandon from the Fayette County Appraisal gave me your name.

    1. Hello Ralph and team,
      In Spring 2024, I will have lots of nucs to work with on your honey bee apiary. Your agricultural exemption is not affected by a loss of a few colonies in 2023.

      Bruce Ford the beekeeper.

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