Custom Internal Hive Top Feeder


The hive top feeder is used to feed new colonies and their bees during summer when pollen resources are low. Our internal hive top feeders are custom handmade.


Our internal hive top feeders are handmade with select white pine and with a ¼” plywood bottom that holds one gallon of liquid feed in a water-proof reservoir. This self-contained feeder allows the bees to climb internally into the feeder without drowning. The bee access is screened in, so the bees can’t get to the beekeeper when the hive lid is removed. The beekeeper can lift the lid and refill the internal container easily. The screen is also used by the bees to cling on while feeding.

Our product comes in three sizes: 5-frame nuc feeder, 8-frame and 10-frame feeders.

The benefits of using a hive top feeder: It is protected from the sun and robber bees. It is important for beekeepers to use a hive top feeder to feed their new colonies and to feed their bees during the summer when the pollen resources are low.


8 frames, 10 frames


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Hive Top FeederCustom Internal Hive Top Feeder
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