Beekeeping can be fun, safe and easy

Are you one of these gardeners who considered getting into beekeeping but never felt confident enough to get started? I may be able to help.

Bobs’s Apiary

There are so many good reasons you might want to get into beekeeping. As I started beekeeping years ago, I became aware of more and more benefits to it. My passion for bees kept growing as I was working with them.

What it takes is just for you to get started to get caught into this passion as I have been.

One thing I realised when talking to so many people about beekeeping is that a lot of people see the benefit of beekeeping, they are interested in getting started but they never make the jump. And they know they are missing on a great opportunity to improve their food security and their family’s health!

I notice there are many reasons for this resistance. One main reason is that so many people are scared of bees. They fear they’ll get stung when they work on the hive. It’s no fun to get stungt, I can only agree. It’s so important to have a good first experience and have fun beekeeping otherwise you’ll be discouraged and quickly drop it. I want you to enjoy beekeeping from the start! I am on a mission to make it as easy and fun as possible with friendly bees.

Some people also think it’s too technical and that they don’t have enough knowledge or experience to manage a hive. Let me tell you a secret. The best teacher is experience. You just need to get started with the little you know. The beekeeping community is really generous in knowledge sharing so I can almost ensure that you’ll find some good mentors nearby you to share their best practices with you. I’d be happy to connect you with some of them.

So many other reasons might stop you to get going with beekeeping. Maybe you just don’t know how to get started? Or you are not sure how to pick the right equipment? You don’t want to waste your time and risk to loose your colonies because of bee collapse or pests like varroa mites? Guess what; it’s easier than you think! I can help you find the right tools and resources to get started safely. The bees I’ll provide you with will give you the best chances to keep a healthy colony and produce delicious honey.

I am offering nucs filled with gentle Italian bees. They are perfect for bee keepers to get started with their first hives. They help you learn the technics with confidence, with no fear of getting bit. It’s one of the most popular types of honey bees.

The Italian bees I provide you with are also strong and healthy. So they will better resist to the potential diseases they will encounter. They are also grown in Texas so they are conditioned to the warmer climate of Texas.

Our nucs are provided with 4 frames of drawn comb that includes at least three frames with eggs and open larva and a mated queen. The fourth and fifth frames are drawn comb with some pollen, and some honey for food to help the colony grow along with lots of bees! It’s better to get started with your hives in the Spring before April, but I am happy to provide you with nucs all year round.

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