• Catnip Repels Insects

    Catnip (Nepeta cataria) may have a euphoric effect on cats and the plant deters insects pests arounndthe gardens. When your kitty friend gets a whiff of catnip, it’s like a ticket to the ‘happy place!” Catnip can work its magic on your kitty in various ways when sniffed or nibbled.  Catnip is a plant, also…

  • Pepperment Flower

    Peppermint Plants Benefits

    Many gardners know that peppermint plants, Mentha piperita, repels a multitude of insect pests, aphids, cabbage looper, Colorado potato beetle, cucumber beetle, flea beetle, Japanese beetle and squash bugs. Beekeepers use peppermint plant on the edge of the gardens to attract bees with its intense aroma. Peppermint is one of the strongest-smelling plants you can…

  • Texas Beekeepers Association Ross Creek Booth


    Fellow beekeepers: I will be in Temple, Texas on November 3rd and 4rth, in the vendor-trade hall. Join me there! It is a great way to immerse yourself in the beekeeping culture, learn new practices, and meet other beekeepers in your area. The Annual Convention of the Texas Beekeepers Association is a major event running over…

  • Bastrop Texas Exit Build Ross Creek Organic Booth

    2023 Beekeepers Events in Central Texas

    I am listing here some of the Beekeepers Events in Central Texas you can attend for the rest of the year 2023. I like to meet and mentor beekeepers at local beekeeping events. That’s why I am involved in several of the beekeepers associations in Central Texas and I often have a booth at their…

  • How beekeeping can lower your property tax

    Tired of over paying property taxes? I have a solution for you! If you own 5 to 20 acres of land in Texas, you are eligible to practice beekeeping and establish a special valuation for raising honey bees . You don’t have to be a beekeeper to benefit from this exemption. Someone can manage the…

  • How to Secure Your Local Food Supply

    It’s easy to feel insecure with what is happening to the food supply chain. But what if solutions were at your door steps? How could you take back control over your food supply? There are many answers to that, and I can help you taking in account your context and your family’s needs. You can…

  • Bruce Ford in the beeyard

    Beekeeping can be fun, safe and easy

    Are you one of these gardeners who considered getting into beekeeping but never felt confident enough to get started? I may be able to help.

  • 7 reasons to start beekeeping

    Beekeeping can bring so many benefits to your life, your health, your community and your environment. I gathered here my 7 favorite reasons to work with bees. I hope you’ll find at least one that inspires you to get started!

  • Open air bee hive colony in a tree.

    Saturday Bee Rescue!

    This afternoon Bruce rescued a gentle honey bee swarm that was up in a tree. He parked his truck under the tree and stood on the cab. It was definitely a great experience, and he got the queen! He made some great wax-comb holders.

  • A Good Bee Year !

    Ok Honey bee lovers: It has been a great year! I have increased my honey bee knowledge to the point where I consider myself a Bee Whisperer and Mentor. See these pictures of the bee yards I have set-up in 2020.

  • Hot Dry Texas Summer and Honey Bees

    Honey Bees need to keep their brood nests an average of 94 degrees. When it’s 100 degrees outside, it is too hot for the honey bee colonies and bees must work extra hard to keep their hive a cool 94 degrees.  Also, during hot, dry weather, honey bees encourage their queen to stop laying so…

  • Photo Update


  • Fayette County Beekeeper’s Association Booth at the Fayette County Fair

    The Fayette County Fair begins tomorrow August 30, 2018! The Fayette County Beekeeper’s Association will have an educational beekeeping booth in the exhibit hall and Bruce Ford will be at the booth giving demonstrations on building frames for beehives and discussing beekeeping practices. He will be there Thursday – Sunday so be sure to stop…

  • Beehive Rescue

    I got the bees and the honey. The shop owner got rid of the bees.  These little beggars were feisty! I made sure my bee suit had no holes anywhere!  Thank you to my bee mentor, Jessie McDaniel, for helping me with this bee rescue! Bruce

  • Texas Gourdseed Corn – Heirloom

    Notice the first rows of corm are greener than the other rows.  This is because I have added a side dressing of organic supplements to those rows.  Dry Humate, Soft Rock Phosphate, Chilean Nitrate, and some gypsum powder for the clay. Drip irrigation is the way to go!  The ground is getting so dry that…

  • tilling

    Creek Bottom Field ready to plant!

    Spring is starting early on Ross Creek Farm. I just tilled eight acres and received three inches of rain. The field just soaked up the rainfall. Perfect! The white tipped poles keep me from running over the buried 2″ gate brass valves set up for drip irrigation. Creek bottom field I have wheat seed, assorted…

  • Blue, purple, red, gold sunset over a field with a haybale and trees at Homestead Ross Creek Organic Farm Texas

    Sunset on Wednesday, January 25

    This photo best describes why we love living here on the farm. We get to enjoy these beautiful sunsets and it fills up our hearts with joy!

  • photo of the Greenhouse square footprint

    New Greenhouse Project at Ross Creek Farm

    Here is the first project in January 17.  This will be a 32′ long x 20′ wide x 9′ tall metal frame greenhouse.  It will cover and protect the irrigation well and related tanks and control boxes from water and cold. I will use it to store stuff,  as a workshop with a large worktable. …

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